Link to the conference stream

The online conference will be split into multiple “sessions”, much like it is in the physical room. Some people do find it confusing. Here are quick instructions to help you navigate through the sessions.

When “this” session is over, the stream will stop and a new stream will come up. The NARSOL techs can drag you across. But just in case you don’t get migrated to the next one, here are some visual aids to help you move yourself from room to room.

At the top left of the page, you will see the title of the conference “From Acorn to Oak” and just below that is “SCHEDULE session 1 of 7”. This will adjust as the conference progresses. Click your mouse on SCHEDULE and it will expand to show all of the sessions.
After clicking, the menu will expand and you will find a list of sessions. There is only a single session, they are based on time.