Wanting to participate a bit more deeply in the conference? There are several volunteer positions that need to be filled, from setup and tear-down, to front desk, to security, to technical assistants.

Do not worry if you’ve never worked at a conference before. Most of the positions do not require extensive experience. The most important qualification is that you can be depended upon to work your scheduled shift. Help us make this year’s conference a fantastic one!


Registration Clerk
Check people in with a smile, hand out name tags, and handle questions. During slow time, check the NARSOL Literature Table for tidiness and restock brochures if needed.

Speaker Assistant
Connect with keynote speaker well in advance to assure that the person knows where to go, has provided their PowerPoint to the AV tech, and has addressed any other needs. Assure that the speaker is on hand and ready before the presentation, and that the assigned “introducer” is also nearby and ready.

Room Host
Assure that each workshop speaker knows where to go, has what he/she needs, and understands start/stop times. The Room Host announces the presenter at the beginning (no lengthy bio, just name and subject is fine), and gives a 5-10 minute warning near the end of the session. Afterwards, thank the presenter.

Technical Assistant
Assure that workshop presenters have the tech setup they need, handle any tech problems that come up such as no sound, laptop not connecting to projector, projector not displaying, etc.  Start the equipment if necessary, and turn off equipment at the end of the session.

Security Monitor
Responsible for watching a particular entry or exit and assuring that only conference attendees with badges are permitted in the conference area. During slow time, take care of light general cleanup. This position involves standing and walking a good bit during your shift.

Conference Prep
Prepare items the afternoon before the conference. Sort articles to go into the folders, then put in folders, both for participants and media. Break apart name tags, put them in plastic holders and sort alphabetically.

Tech Setup and Take-down
Assist with equipment setup on Thursday afternoon, with a tear-down on Saturday, re-setup on Sunday morning, and a final tear-down on Sunday following lunch.

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