How Organizations Choose Impact Litigation – Phil Telfeyan (Fri)

This workshop will highlight the criteria that organizations utilize in their evaluation of potential constitutional challenges they can support. Impact litigation groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Equal Justice Under Law have limited resources, and that means difficult decisions must be made about which challenges are likely to have the greatest impact. Our own advocacy groups can learn from this decision-making process how to select challenges of their own.

Building Relationships in the Legislature – Mary Sue Molnar (Fri, Sat)

If you want to be effective, you must work with the law-makers chosen by the voters. This means getting to know them, and learning who your friends and enemies are, so that you can either amend or block bad legislation from passing and encourage good legislation to be introduced. This workshop will give you some tools and practice in what to do and how to achieve more in your state’s legislature.

Tracking/Analyzing Proposed Legislation – Larry Neely & Brenda Jones (Fri, Sat)

So they’ve introduced another bad bill… At least, you think so. But how do you analyze what it really does and develop a rational and convincing response that will stop it from passing? Find out some analysis tips and try working up some talking points in this workshop.

Eight Fundamentals to Starting an Organization – Robin Vanderwall (Fri, Sat)

NCRSOL has grown steadily since its launch in Spring 2016 and has quickly engaged its resources in building membership and joining legal actions. Robin Vanderwall will share how the group raised several thousands of dollars to support ongoing and future litigation; how they supported NARSOL’s first amicus brief filed before the US Supreme Court; their ongoing efforts to expand membership; and their continued media campaigns.

Support Groups How-To – Panel  (Fri, Sat)

Support groups are a great way to get started when there are only a handful of advocates in a state. They are also a good tool for growth for more seasoned organizations. Come hear from seasoned support group leaders how to launch and maintain a healthy, long-running group using the Fearless model.

Low Hanging Fruit – Smaller Challenges Advocates Might File – Paul Dubbeling (Fri, Sat)

Attorney Paul Dubbeling will share his vision for how we use winnable challenges (low-hanging fruit) to existing registration schemes as a means to begin dismantling the more onerous and difficult-to-challenge registration restrictions and requirements from state to state.

Effective Fund Raising Strategies – Richard Mori & Robin Vanderwall (Fri, Sat)

No matter what our goals may be, they all move forward faster with funding. Our experienced panel will share proven methods for encouraging financial support for our advocacy work.

Parole, Probation, Supervised Release, and Registration: What’s the difference? – Panel  (Fri, Sat)

What is different between parole, probation, and supervised release? What are my rights when I am still supervised? How do those rights change when I’m done and “just” on the registry? When is it okay to stand up for my rights, and when is it better to toe the line? And how can I tell the difference? These are just some of the things you can learn about in this workshop.

Building Connections with Other Advocacy Groups – Laurie Jo Reynolds (Sat, Sun)

There are many other advocacy groups out there fighting similar battles for former offenders and seeking to reform the justice system. How do we find them, build relationships, and start working together for change? It takes time and effort, but we can’t start any sooner!

“Selling” an Incremental Approach to Change – Moderated discussion (Sat, Sun)

Seasoned advocates have learned the frustrating truth that change does not come easily or quickly. But we are constantly faced with new advocates and members and donors who want immediate results. How can we acknowledge their desire for that “silver bullet,” while also being honest about the hard road ahead? You won’t get easy answers at this workshop, but we will put our heads together and work on some possible messages.

Fearless Demo Group (Fri, Sun)

These sessions give participants a taste of how a Fearless support/advocacy group works. There will be a brief introduction describing meetings and protocols, then time to “practice” sharing, Fearless-style!

Self-Care for Advocates – Cindy Prizio & Richard Mori (Sat only)

Advocates are notorious for driving themselves fast and hard. There are always so many things left to do! But we can work best for the Cause if we also remember to take care of ourselves. This workshop will outline how.

How to Launch Constitutional Challenges – Glenn Gerding & Paul Dubbeling (Sat)

Drawing from their unique backgrounds in successfully challenging sex offender registration requirements, defense attorney Glenn Gerding (Packingham v. North Carolina) and plaintiff’s attorney Paul Dubbeling (Does v. Cooper) will walk us through the ins and outs of successful constitutional challenges either on behalf of a criminal defendant or as a citizen who believes a law is unconstitutional and unfair.

Recent Challenges Advocates Should Know – Barry Porter (Sat)

This workshop will walk us through some important challenges that impact fundamental rights such as the Fifth Amendment and the right to reside where one chooses. The cases that will be discussed are: (1) United States v. Von Behren dealing with self-incrimination; (2) Duarte v. City of Lewisville which amounts to banishment from an entire city; and (3) John Freitas, et. al v. Peter Kilmartin which would retroactively force registered citizens from their homes.

Recruiting and Engaging Members and Volunteers – Will Bassler and Scott Morgan (Fri, Sat)

One of the toughest tasks an advocacy leader faces is finding and engaging people in contributing to our Cause, whether that is membership, volunteering, or event participation. This workshop will explore some tips for maximizing engagement with stakeholders in your state.

Georgia Removal Process – Tim Crouch (Sat)

Georgia is one of the few states with a removal process for some registrants. Georgia attorney Tim Crouch has filed numerous successful petitions for removal of clients from the Sex Offender Registry and the restrictions thereunder. In this workshop, Mr. Crouch will walk people through Georgia’s process and answer questions from attendees.