“What an awesome experience…this was my first NARSOL conference, and I was NOT disapointed. In fact, as I told several co-attendees, I had not realized how stressed and guarded I’ve been living these past 15 years until I arrived and discovered that I did not have to guard my heart, my head, or my self in this crowd. I felt like I was living real again, like I’d been holding my breath so long I forgot what it was like to breath freely. We shared, we consoled, we rejoyced and we cried together, for each other, and for our families, and for ourselves. It was truly cathartic.
Most of all, the presentation inspired hope and renewed faith, while a the time being grounded in reality. So many new friends who felt like lifetime old friends…no, more like extended family I was getting to know for the first time. The love and acceptance was restorative. And the information was extensive. This was like the ultimate Fearless Group experience! And when I get home to Virginia, I hope to infect my fearless group friends with some of the benefits of attending a NARSOL conference offered to me this year. It was a blessing to go. Next year in Raleigh I hope to caravan as many fearless group members as I can so we can all share in the catharartic relief together!”