In 2011, Vicki was asked by NARSOL to head up a new organization that we subsequently named Women Against Registry (WAR). Our national organization was (and still is) headquartered in Missouri; however, we have members from across the country. In her years of service to the anti-registry community, and in opposition to those who would work to maintain or increase already harsh punishments, Vicki has been involved in numerous efforts to improve the lives of those required to register and of those suffering collateral damage. These efforts include but are not limited to participation in marches and demonstrations, the planning and execution of three national conferences, testifying before various state legislatures, educating (sometimes, one person at a time), speaking at conferences, and organizing.This line of work does not often reward us with joyful results, but Vicki is not deterred. She is a relentless advocate for our cause and for every individual subjected to the registry’s punitive, draconian laws.