“Hope Inspires”

Lisa Kessler-Peters is a wife, mother of three, and spiritual mother to many. Lisa is an ordained minister, advocate, speaker, and author of Why I Tried to Die, a Story of Trauma, Resilience, and Restoration and How I Learned to Hide: Unraveling Shame and Rejection. She holds two degrees, a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice and a Master of Science in applied behavioral analysis. She also is a certified recovery specialist, trained as a mentor and in trauma informed practices. Her work includes re-entry, recovery, homeless assistance, restorative justice, and educating others about healing trauma.

Lisa believes her greatest asset is her experience, worth much more than her degrees and accomplishments. Her entire mission is to empower others to know that they can have the same freedom she has received. She is bold and courageous and never wants to forget where she came from and what she has been through. She believes that nothing happens in vain and that all things can be used for our good and the good of others. She believes that we can stop generational abuse and substance use if we start loving more and punishing less.