“Where’s the Grace? Balancing Justice and Common Sense”

Waleisah Wilson, a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator, is a dedicated criminal justice reform activist and entrepreneur. She considers herself an “agitator” and good troublemaker who leans into dialogue and actions that will disrupt the oppressive systems harmful to the communities she serves and loves. She has dedicated herself to leveraging her extensive professional experience and networks to support impacted Georgians with overcoming the obstacles and stigmas they face upon reentry by connecting them to critical background-friendly resources.

She staunchly opposes efforts and systems that deny justice, equity, and inclusiveness to those impacted by a criminal conviction. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals impacted by the criminal legal system, and drawing upon her own experiences as a formerly incarcerated woman, she has been deeply involved in movements for social justice since her release in 2011.

She is most vocal on the need to use humanizing language when referring to individuals impacted by the criminal legal system, the criminalization of poverty, ending prison slavery and solitary confinement, supporting entrepreneurship and economic prosperity, alleviating the stigmas and reentry challenges for individuals and families impacted by sexual criminal registries, and emphasizing the faith community’s role in supporting reentry.